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Most work on problems that matter for science and society is conducted collaboratively by variously organized groups of individuals. However, geospatial information technology is currently designed to support one user at a time. Similarly, most data are generated to meet one objective, but then used to support many tasks. Enabling group/collaborative work with geospatial information (geocollaboration) is a fundamental research challenge for GIScience and information science more generally. Research underway in GeoVISTA provides a base from which explore fundamental issues related to both the database and human aspects of geocollaboration. This current research includes:
  • work to develop a national geocollaboratory,
  • development of multimodal interfaces that support group work using GISystems with large screen displays applied to decision support,
  • design and implementation of collaborative visualization methods and tools and
  • development of a semantic framework for managing the meaning associated with geospatial information as it is constructed and modified during analysis.
One focus of our ongoing work is to develop a semantically-enriched geospatial infrastructure that supports data inter-operation, integration and collaborative work by individuals who bring different perspectives to a task (e.g., a meteorologist and an emergency manager coordinating a response to a pending hurricane). We will also extend current research on multi-modal large screen displays to enable same-place group work with geospatial information as well as that on synchronous and asynchronous methods and technologies to enable different-place group work.

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