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ChoroPhronesis Overview

The term ChoroPhronesis is a combination of Choro and Phronesis. Choro is the Greek term for space; Phronesis is the Greek word for wisdom or intelligence.

FCL Overview

The Friendly Cities Lab is an active research group within the Department of Geography at Penn State, affiliated with the GeoVISTA Center. At FCL, we're dedicated to understanding how interpersonal relationships are related to urban connectivity, specifically how people travel, communicate and form connections within and betweeen cities. We were founded in 2015.

Visit the Friendly Cities Lab.

GEO Lab Overview

The Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Laboratory was established in Spring 2014 to advance GIScience and CyberScience by developing new computational methodologies and CyberInfrastructure solutions for the analysis of geospatial 'big data'. Our focus is on GeoScience and Earth Science problems with high impact to society such as environmental hazards and renewable energy.

Visit the Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Laboratory.

Affiliated Research Labs

GeoVISTA faculty and students are busy people with varied interests! While still falling under GeoVISTA's wide-ranging research interests, these Labs pursue more targeted topics. Learn more about the great work these affiliate Labs are doing:

ChoroPhronesis: Applied Spatial Intelligence

The Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Laboratory

The Friendly Cities Lab

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GeoVISTA Videos

Featured Project: SensePlace3, election edition

SensePlace3 user interface

SensePlace3 allows you to search and map Tweets from and about specific places in the 2016 election cycle. Try it!