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All applets require Java Plug-in 1.3 or later and Javacript enabled.

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Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis of Cancer Data (NCI)

Univariate MapUnivariate Map

This map applet features interactive spatial tools and color selection tools. Users can create a multipart line through color space to better visualize spatial patterns.

Author(s): Frank Hardisty



Bivariate Map Bivariate Map

Users can create bivariate color scemes that allow users to visualize spatial patterns between two variables simultaniously.

Author(s): Frank Hardisty





Parallel Coordinate PlotParallel Coordinate Plot

Users can see mulitvariate statistical patterns using this interactive tool.

Author(s): Flo Lederman (Parvis), Frank Hardisty



Map and Scatterplot MatrixMap and Scatterplot Matrix

This image shows a map and scatterplot matrix. The position and the coloring of the observations is determined by the variables on the diagonal in the scatterplots, while in the map, position is geographic, and color is determined by the variables. Using this tool, we can see attribute and geographic relationships between multiple variables at a time.

Author(s): Xiping Dai, Frank Hardisty


Map and LinkgraphMap and Linkgraph

This applet containts a map linked to a node-and-edge graph representation of U.S. states, where states are nodes and links between them are determined by the counties similarity in one or more variables, as found by the minimum spanning tree in attribute space. We can use this tool to explore the geographic relationships between similar observations.

Author(s): Alex Shapiro (Touchgraph), Frank Hardisty, Diansheng Guo

Subspace BrowserSubspace Browser

Here the nodes are variables, and the graph shows the minimum spanning tree based on their correlation coefficients. This is an easy way to rapidly browse relationships between many variables.

Author(s): Alex Shapiro (Touchgraph), Frank Hardisty, Diansheng Guo