List of Research Projects

The GeoVISTA Center has received support from numerous public and private sources for specific projects over the years.

Ongoing Projects:

SensePlace2: GeoVisual Analytics for Twitter
SensePlace3: Election Edition
Big Data Social Science (NSF IGERT)
STempo: an interactive visualization and statistical environment for discovery and analysis of space-time patterns (NGA)
VACCINE: Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments (DHS)
Standardizing Map Symbology for Critical Incidents (DHS)
COIL RIG: iVR for Education
NSF: Wayfinding, Navigation VR
LMI: VR for Distributed Workforces
(Historic) Campus Model Project
IGERT / ICS / SCRiM: Immersive Visual Analytics for Climate Change
Virtual Ecology, funded through Penn State’s Ecology Institute
Symbol and Label Design Solutions for Electronic Topographic Mapping for The National Map of the United States (USGS)

See our affiliated labs for even more projects: Geoinformatics and Earth Observation Laboratory, ChoroPhroneses, Friendly Cities Lab.

Past Projects:

Contextual influences on the category construction of geographic-scale movement patterns (NSF)
Spatial awareness through sapient interfaces (NSF)
GeoCAM: Geographic Contextualization for Accounts of Movement (NGA)
Assessing the Cognitive Aspects of Satellite Image Interpretation (NSF)
Vaccine Modeling Initiative (Gates Foundation)
NEVAC: NorthEast Visualization and Analytics Center (PNNL)
GeoCollaborative Crisis Management (NSF)
The strengths and weaknesses of Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) and spatial statistical methods for Prostate Cancer (CDC)
Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis of Cancer Data (NCI)
GEON: The Geo-Sciences Network (NSF)
STNexus: An Integrated Database and Visualization Enviroment for Space-Time Information Exploitation (ARDA ARIVA)
Ontologies in Action (NSF)
GIS/Atlas Cancer Research (CDC)
Cyber-infrastructure to Support Information Sharing, Analysis, and Visualization Using a Fungal Plant Pathogen Database (NSF)
Dialogue-Assisted Visual Environment for Geoinformation (NSF ITR)
Quality Graphics for Federal Statistical Summaries (NSF)
Human-Environment Regional Observatory (NSF)
Knowledge Management Over Time-Varying Geospatial Datasets (NSF)
MapStats for Kids (FedStats)
Multivariate Mapping (NCI)
Apoala (EPA)
VisEarth (NSF)
Visualizing Health Statistics (NCHS)
Visualization To Support Coordinated Geospatial Decision Making (NIMA)
Semantics for Geospatial Information (NIMA)
Development of an Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Tool for Cancer Surveillance (NCI)
Fundamental Approaches to Task-Oriented Visualization of Uncertainty (ARDA)
GAIDD: Geovisual Analytics for Infectious Disease Dynamics
Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Geography (NSF)
Air Pollution and Cardiac Vulnerability to Acute Events (CDC)

GeoVISTA Videos

Featured Project: SensePlace3, election edition

SensePlace3 user interface

SensePlace3 allows you to search and map Tweets from and about specific places in the 2016 election cycle. Try it!