GeoVISTA Mission and Overview

As diverse scientific and societal issues generate growing volumes of geospatial data, demand for technologies to facilitate effective use of these data also grows. Critical issues include: assessing terrorist threats, understanding health-environment interactions, planning for dramatic changes in regional demographics, and managing environmental risk. The GeoVISTA Center is working to address the array of research challenges and opportunities posed in developing useful and usable technologies to take advantage of a wealth of geospatial data.

GeoVISTA coordinates integrated and innovative research in Geographic Information Science (GIScience), with an emphasis on geovisualization. We develop powerful human-centered methods and technologies that allow scientists and decision makers to solve scientific, environmental, and social problems through computer-supported, visually-enabled analysis of geospatial data.

Established in 1998, the Pennsylvania State University Geographic Visualization Science, Technology, and Applications Center is based in Geography but has faculty and graduate student affiliates in multiple colleges on campus. Its research is interdisciplinary and, over the past decade, emphasis has expanded from geovisualization to all aspects of GIScience and related information sciences.


GeoVISTA Videos

Featured Project: SensePlace3, election edition

SensePlace3 user interface

SensePlace3 allows you to search and map Tweets from and about specific places in the 2016 election cycle. Try it!