Geospatial Big Data and Cartography

A recent paper by Anthony Robinson and multiple colleagues in the International Cartographic Association's Commission on Visual Analytics was highlighted on the GovLab Blog:

The paper presents one of multiple research agendas developed by the Commission using a combination of initial position papers, a collaborative workshop, and subsequent follow up to develop the ideas. The Abstract is below:

Geospatial big data present a new set of challenges and opportunities for cartographic researchers in technical, methodological and artistic realms. New computational and technical paradigms for cartography are accompanying the rise of geospatial big data. Additionally, the art and science of cartography needs to focus its contemporary efforts on work that connects to outside disciplines and is grounded in problems that are important to humankind and its sustainability. Following the development of position papers and a collaborative workshop to craft consensus around key topics, this article presents a new cartographic research agenda focused on making maps that matter using geospatial big data. This agenda provides both long-term challenges that require significant attention and short-term opportunities that we believe could be addressed in more concentrated studies.

The paper is here (with open access coming soon):

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