GeoVISTA at 2015 Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting

The following GeoVISTA members and alumni are participating in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting being held in Chicago April 21-25, 2015:

Abstract Title: Making a New Edition of "Designing Better Maps"
Author(s): Cynthia A Brewer, Elaine M Guidero, Aaron P Dennis, Bill Pongpichaya Limpisathian, Charlie Frye, and Paulo Raposo

Abstract Title: Application of the Analog Ensemble Methodology Using Predictor Weighting for Renewable Energy
Author(s): Laura Harding and Guido Cervone

Abstract Title: Web-based Renewable Energy Map Design Evaluation
Author(s): Carolyn Fish and Kirby Calvert

Abstract Title: Machine Learning for Post-fire Burn Severity Assessment in Diseased Forests
Author(s): Carolynne Hultquist

Abstract Title: Investigating the Use of Remote Sensing and Civil Air Patrol Data in Flood Assessment
Author(s): Elena Sava and Guido Cervone

Abstract Title: Event Data, Spatio-Temporal Analysis, and Digital News Media: A Critical Examination
Author(s): Sam Stehle

Abstract Title: Computing and visualizing nonlocal influence in OpenStreetMap: An analysis of South America
Author(s): Sterling Quinn

Abstract Title: PerSE: A visual analytics tool for identifying periodicity in spatio-temporal event data
Author(s): Brian Swedberg

Abstract Title: A Crowd-based Investigation of Spatial Natural Language Concepts
Author(s): Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Alexander Klippel, Timothy Baldwin

Poster Title: Methane emission estimation for Marcellus shale gas area using GIS and numerical modeling
Author(s): Yanni Cao, Guido Cervone, Thomas Lauvaux, Kenneth James Davis, Douglas K Martins, Natasha Miles, Scott Richardson, Zachary R Barkley, Aijun Deng, Brian Gaudet, Anna Karion, Colm Sweeney, Gabrielle Petron, Chris Rella and Caleb Arata

Session Title: Cognition, Behavior and Design, IV: Designing Effective Maps
Organizer(s): Cindy Brewer and Amy Griffin
Chair: Cindy Brewer

Session Title: Spatiotemporal Symposium: Using Social Media for Disaster Management
Organizers(s): Qunying Huang and Guido Cervone

Session Title: Spatial Data Mining and Big Data Analytics (2)
Chair: Donna Peuquet

Donna Peuquet is also a panelist at the Spatial Data Mining and Big Data Analytics (5) Session, while Anthony Robinson will serve as a panelist at two sessions: Broadening Participation of Women and Minority university students in STEM through online learning and Geography and Online Education B: What is the status of online geography and geospatial education and its impact on traditional educational offerings?

GeoVISTA alumni who are participating as presenters, organizers, panelists, etc. include: Ola Ahlqvist, Raechel Bianchetti, Jamison Conley, Robert Edsall, Diansheng Guo, Amy Griffin, Rui Li, Jeremy Mennis, Robert Roth, and Libby Wentz.

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