New STempo Publications

GeoVISTA researchers working on the STempo project have several publications in press.

Stehle, Sam & Donna Peuquet. 2015. "Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Their Evolution via Sequence Alignment," International Journal of Spatial Cognition and Computation, Special Issue on Spatio-Temporal Theories and Models for Environmental, Urban and Social sciences: Where Do We Stand? Vol. 15 (2), pp 68-85.

Peuquet, Donna J. (In Press) "Data Structures and the Storage and Retrieval of Spatial Data," Chapter 6 in: The History of Cartography, cartography in the Twentieth Century (Volume 6), Mark Monmonier (ed.), Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Peuquet, DJ, AC Robinson, S Stehle, F Hardisty and W. Luo. (In Press) "A method for discovery and analysis of temporal patterns in complex event data," International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Vol. 29(9).

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