Alan MacEachren speaks at UNC Charlotte

GeoVISTA Center Director Alan MacEachren gave two talks at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte last week.

The first was "Supporting Reasoning in Geo-Visual Analytics: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives" at the Charlotte Visualization Center, which is part of the College of Computing and Informatics.

The second talk was for the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences, and the abstract is below.

Coping with Place and Space Uncertainty via Geovisualization
Uncertainty has been a research focus within geovisualization for more than two decades. But, we still lack consistent approaches for geovisualization methods to help scientists, analysts, decision-makers, or the public cope with uncertainty in geographical contexts. In this presentation, I will touch on 4 questions, taking a geographical focus to each: what is uncertainty, how can we depict it visually, how should we depict it visually, and what happens when we do. I will conclude with some thoughts on remaining research uncertainty visualization challenges—with an emphasis on a key gap in our approach thus far.

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