GeoVISTA participates at NACIS 2014

The GeoVISTA Center will have a strong presence at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 2014 meeting next week in Pittsburgh.

Elaine Guidero will speak and serve as a facilitator at the Typophiles' Retreat.

Alice Rühl, Scott Pezanowski, and Frank Hardisty will present their paper: Spatio-Temporal Data Visualization with Interactive Maps in Visual Analytics Applications

Jonathan Nelson, Sterling Quinn, Brian Swedberg, Wanghuan Chu, Maggie Houchen, Todd Bodnar, and Alan M. MacEachren will present their paper: SPoTvis: A Geovisual Analytics Tool for Discovering Multi-Scale Spatial Patterns in Tweets Surrounding the 2013 US Government Shutdown

Anthony Robinson will be a panelist at the session Adventures in Online Mapping education in the 21st Century. He will also serve as a Moderator for the Cartographic Education session.

Jennifer Mason, David Retchless, and Alexander Klippel will present their paper: Dimensions of Uncertainty Visualization Research

GeoVISTA alumni participating at NACIS 2014 include: Robert Roth, Raechel Bianchetti, Craig Williams, Trudy Suchan, Amy Griffin, and Mamata Akella.

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