Eun-Kyeong Kim speaks at Aalto University in Finland

GeoVISTA graduate student Eun-Kyeong Kim spoke to the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science at Aalto University today. The abstract for her presentation is below:

Title: Bursts In Geographic Phenomena
Abstract: Physicist's approaches to burst patterns enable to discover temporal aspects of many different geographic phenomena, ranging from wildfires to spatial patterns of the social media usage. This presentation, first, will introduce my current research on wildfire bursts and geo-tweet bursts. Jo and I analyzed burst patterns of a daily-basis US historical wildfire event data set (1980-2011). And I explored burst patterns of 100 million geo-referenced tweets out of the GeoVISTA center's research projects. Second, this will propose how physicists’ methodologies can be combined with geographic perspectives. Specifically, this presentation will illustrate how burst patterns can be analyzed and shown on the map. At the end, this talk will encourage you to discuss about the following questions: How and why do physicists and social scientists collaborate with each other? Why are some social scientists (like me) eager to adopt physics perspectives to social phenomena? Vice versa, with what philosophy do physicists apply their methodologies to social phenomena? I look forward to listening to your thoughts.

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