GeoVISTA Members at Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting

The following GeoVISTA members and alumni are participating in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting being held in Los Angeles on April 9-13, 2013:

Abstract Title: The role of psychology in early texts on aerial photograph interpretation
Author(s): Raechel Bianchetti

Abstract Title: The Relationship between Meteorological Variable and Influenza Epidemic in the Long-Term and Short-Term
Author(s): Qian Di

Abstract Title: Schematization of Maps: Suggestions about Subway Data
Author(s): Yiting Ju, Cynthia Brewer

Abstract Title: Geocollaboration in Global Environmental Change Research
Author(s): Morteza Karimzadeh

Abstract Title: Bursts of Spatiotemporal Event
Author(s): Eun-Kyeong Kim, Hang-Hyun Jo, Alan MacEachren

Abstract Title: Crowdsourcing for Behavioral Spatial Science
Author(s): Alex Klippel, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Sen Xu, Jinlong Yang

Abstract Title: "Sugar of All Sorts…Clayed & Refined": Historical GIS and the Landscape of Sugar in Colonial Barbados
Author(s): Peter Koby

Abstract Title: Spatial Dimensions of International Trade
Author(s): Wei Luo, May Yuan

Abstract Title: The SymbolStore: A Social Forum for the Creation, Sharing, and Evaluation of Symbols
Author(s): Ryan Mullins, Scott Pezanowski, Anthony Robinson, Alan MacEachren

Abstract Title: Mapping Around the World: A Cartographic Study Abroad Experience
Author(s): Paulo Raposo, Cynthia Brewer, Anthony Robinson

Abstract Title: Visualizing Event Sequences in Geographic Data with STempo
Author(s): Anthony Robinson, Frank Hardisty, Sam Stehle, Donna Peuquet

Abstract Title: Design and Use Guidelines for Interactive Maps: A Case Study
Author(s): Rob Roth, Alan MacEachren

Abstract Title: Below the Surface: A Deeper Semantics of Uncertainty Visualization
Author(s): Jennifer Smith, Alexander Klippel

Abstract Title: A Modified Alignment Method for Matching Patterns of Spatio-Temporal Events
Author(s): Sam Stehle

Abstract Title: Accommodating Big Data in Visual Analytics: Pairing Computation with Cognition
Author(s): Josh Stevens, Alan MacEachren

Abstract Title: Visual support for framing the question Where is the Geography of Poverty?
Author(s): Mike Stryker

Abstract Title: A Framework for Analyzing Results from Category Construction Experiments
Author(s): Jinlong Yang, Alex Klippel, Jan Oliver Wallgrün

GeoVISTA alumni who are participating as presenters, organizers, panelists, etc. include: Clio Andris, Jamison Conley, Robert Edsall, Mark Gahegan, Diansheng Guo, Amy Griffin, Krzysztof Janowicz, Adam Naito, Robert Roth, and Libby Wentz.

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