Spring Graduate Seminar: Representation and Analysis of Space-Time Dynamics

The Geography Department at Penn State will be offering a graduate seminar in GIScience: Representation and Analysis of Space-Time Dynamics (GEOG 560) during the Spring 2013 semester. The instructor for the course will be Dr. Donna Peuquet.

The scientific study of spatial process is impossible without considering both space and time. While Geography’s study of process over space and time is neither new or unique, the richness and complexity of space-time data now available from web-based sources, including RSS newsfeeds, tweets and blogs, presents both unprecedented opportunity and challenge. Part of the opportunity is that it enables study of temporal dynamics in near real-time, and at multiple scales. A major challenge lies in development of new analytical techniques, and adaptation of existing ones, that are suitable for the complexity, richness and sheer volume of these data.

We will first briefly review the particular characteristics of spatio-temporal information from a cognitive standpoint and current literature regarding formal data representation. After a brief review of techniques for spatial pattern analysis, we will focus on examining a number of space-time analysis procedures developed in various fields and investigate how these can be directly applied or modified for use with geographic data. Application contexts will focus on, but not be limited to, social science data.

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For more information, contact Donna Peuquet at peuquet@psu.edu

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