GeoVISTA at North American Cartographic Information Society annual meeting

The GeoVISTA Center will have a strong presence at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) 2012 meeting next week in Seattle.

Grad affiliate Elaine Guidero will present a poster with co-author John Shramek: Multiscale Base Map Design: From Print to Web.

Several papers by current and former GeoVISTA researchers will be presented:

  • Defining the Typical DHS Map by Raechel A. Bianchetti, Robert E. Roth, Justine I. Blanford, Anthony C. Robinson and Alan M. MacEachren
  • Mapping Around the World: A Cartographic Study Abroad Experience by Cynthia A. Brewer, Anthony C. Robinson and Paulo Raposo
  • Map Symbol Design and Event Reporting for Mobile Devices: A Preview of a Mobile Application and Developer API Based on an Online Symbol Repository by Joshua E. Stevens, Scott Pezanowski, Elaine Guidero, Anthony C. Robinson and Alan M. MacEachren
  •–An Open Resource for Map Symbols by Anthony C. Robinson, Scott Pezanowski, Raechel Bianchetti, Joshua Stevens, Elaine Guidero, Justine Blanford and Alan M. MacEachren
  • Techniques for Cartographic Presentation of Upsampled Raster Land Cover Data by Paulo Raposo, Kevin Sparks and Cynthia A. Brewer
  • Online Lessons Learned: Teaching & Learning Cartography from a Distance by Adrienne Gruver

Several GeoVISTA alumni are also featured at the conference. Erik Steiner, who is the current NACIS President, will serve as the chair for the Spatial Decisions paper session, and Michael Hermann presents his work during the Poster Session. Carolyn Fish and Sarah Troedson will present papers during the Visualizing Change and Crisis Mapping sessions respectively, while Mamata Akella will present a paper during the Open Beauty session as well as serve as organizer of Practical Cartography Day. Rob Roth will serve as chair for the paper sessions Teaching Cartography and Symbolization, in which he will also present papers.

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