Paper on geovisual analytics of IED attacks now available online in the Journal of Maps

The work of GeoVISTA undergraduate interns, Matt Murdock and Nick Maziekas (previously highlighted here), has now been published in the Journal of Maps and is available online. GeoVISTA alumnus Rob Roth, now Assistant Professor of Geography at UW Madison, also co-wrote the paper, which details the Basic Ordinance Observational Management System (BOOMsys), a prototype geovisual application that depicts spatiotemporal data about improvised explosive device (IED) attacks in Iraq.

Matthieu J. Murdock, Robert E. Roth & Nicholas V. Maziekas (2012): The Basic Ordnance Observational Management System: geovisual exploration and analysis of improvised explosive device incidents, Journal of Maps, DOI:10.1080/17445647.2012.668411

This paper introduces the Basic Ordnance Observation Management System, a prototype application supporting geovisual exploration and analysis of improvised explosive device (IED) incidents. Use of IEDs by terrorist cells has increased in geographic scale, frequency, and sophistication due to the relative cheap cost of acquiring the materials and the ease in keeping such weaponry covert. The Basic Ordnance Observational Management System is designed to facilitate spatiotemporal sensemaking of the IED incident dataset maintained by the National Counter Terrorism Center, Worldwide Incident Tracking System. The application expands upon existing geovisual analytics tools for understanding patterns, trends, and anomalies in IED activity through provision of a suite of capabilities that include: flexible spatial and temporal aggregates of the IED dataset; linked spatial, temporal, and attribute views of the incident information; temporal re-expression, particularly the generation of linear and composite sequences of the IED dataset; and temporal animation across IED activity, with ‘VCR’ controls and an interactive temporal legend to control the animation as well as visual benchmarks to assist with interpretation of the animation.

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