GeoVISTA Members at Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting

The following GeoVISTA members and alumni are participating in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meeting being held in New York City on February 24-28, 2012:

Abstract Title: Visualization Variables in Cartography and Aerial Photo Interpretation
Author(s): Raechel Anne Bianchetti

Abstract Title: Fixed-interval Segmentation for Travel-time Estimations in Traffic Maps
Author(s): Joshua E Stevens, Kirk Goldsberry

Abstract Title: Cognitively Grounded Weights for Qualitative Calculi
Author(s): Jinlong Yang, Alexander Klippel

Abstract Title: STempo : Finding Patterns in Space-Time Events
Author(s): Frank Hardisty, Donna J Peuquet, Anthony C Robinson, Sen Xu, Sam Stehle

Abstract Title: Understanding How Dynamic Social Interaction Shapes the Space: A Geovisual Analytic Approach
Author(s): Wei Luo, Peifeng Yin, Frank Hardisty, Alan M. MacEachren

Abstract Title: Cognitive Approach to Feature Generalization Across Multiple Scales
Author(s): Sam Stehle, Jennifer Smith, Jinlong Yang, Alex Klippel, Cynthia Brewer

Abstract Title: Indoor Spatial Awareness: Impacts of Environmental Qualities, Individual Differences, and Mobility
Author(s): Rui Li, Alexander Klippel, Lynn S. Liben, Adam E. Christensen

Abstract Title: Analysis of Methods for Representing and Interacting with Qualitative Geographic Information
Author(s): Alexander Savelyev, Anthony Robinson, Alan MacEachren

Abstract Title: Deep Semantics for the Dynamic Earth
Author(s): Alexander Klippel

Abstract Title: Paper maps or GPS? An examination of different wayfinding behavior & spatial knowledge acquisition techniques
Author(s): James O'Brien, Kenneth Field, Linda Beale

Abstract Title: Discovering Spatial Structures in Massive Trajectory Data
Author(s): Diansheng Guo

Abstract Title: Cues for Interpreting Distortion in Map Projections
Author(s): Fritz Kessler, Sarah Battersby

Abstract Title: Object and Field Representations of Landscape in GIS and Fine Art
Author(s): Jeremy Mennis

Abstract Title: Changing Cartographies, Changing Cognition?
Author(s): Amy L. Griffin

Abstract Title: Using Visualization to Simulate the Mobility and Visibility of Jews in the 1944 Budapest Ghetto
Author(s): Erik B. Steiner

Abstract Title: Towards a Taxonomy of Cartographic Interaction Primitives
Author(s): Robert Roth

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