Frank Hardisty presents poster at AGU meeting

Frank Hardisty presented a poster at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) held in San Francisco this week. The poster, "Modelling Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Storm Tracks", was co-authored with Desmond Carroll. See the abstract below:

Modelling Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone Storm Tracks

Two of the most useful data sets for understanding Atlantic Basin tropical cyclones are the HURDAT data set, provided by NOAA, and the Extended Best Track (EBT) data set, provided by Colorado State University. Each has their strengths: the HURDAT is a more complete set of cyclone tracks, while the EBT contains additional radial extent, wind speed, and pressure information for a more limited set of cyclones. We report here on methods that we developed to generate realistic synthetic cyclone tracks using the strengths of each data set. We also report on some novel visualization methods (using HTML5) and cloud computing methods we employed in the research. We hope that this research will lead to more accurate predictions of the number and severity of cyclones for a given season.

View the interactive Atlantic Hurricane Storm Track Viewer yourself.

Web map showing Extended Best Track cyclone paths

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