GeoVISTA at IEEE VisWeek 2011

GeoVISTA members and alums will play several key roles at IEEE VisWeek in Providence, Rhode island this week. VisWeek consists of three individual conferences: IEEE Visualization, IEEE Information Visualization, and IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST).

Alumnus William Pike, who now works at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is serving as conference chair for VAST.

Alumnus Chris Weaver, now of the University of Oklahoma, will act as a chair for the VAST Space and Time paper session. He is also a panelist on the topic "Process + Interaction + Insight: The Need for Analytic Provenance."

Alumnus Diansheng Guo, now of the University of South Carolina, is serving on the VAST program committee.

Alumnus Tom Auer will present a poster: Web-based Visualization of Phenology Data.

In addition to serving on the VAST program committee, GeoVISTA Director Alan MacEachren will present a paper he co-authored with Anuj Jaiswal, Anthony C. Robinson, Scott Pezanowski, Alexander Savelyev, Prasenjit Mitra, Xaio Zhang, and Justine Blanford. Their paper is entitled SensePlace2: Geotwitter Analytics Support for Situation Awareness.

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