GeoVISTA members at the Conference on Spatial Information Theory

The GeoVISTA Center was well-represented at the 2011 Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT), held in Belfast, Maine, September 12-16th 2011.

Alexander Klippel served as the Workshop Chair for the conference.

Among GeoVISTA graduate students, Raechel Bianchetti and Sen Xu participated in the Doctoral Colloquium. In addition, Wang-Chien Lee was part of a team to present a paper, Analyzing Spatial-Semantic Interaction of Points of Interest in Volunteered Geographic Information.

Wei Luo, Sen Xu, Elaine Guidero, Alexander Savelyev had a paper, Hidden Ontologies - How Mobile Computing Affects the Conceptualization of Geographic Space, presented as part of the workshop Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS, which was organized by GeoVISTA faculty alum Krzysztof Janowicz. Rui Li presented papers in two different workshops: The Impact of Environmental Qualities and Individual Differences on Spatial Orientation in a Mobile Context, and Performance of Directional Estimates and Route Sketching: What Differentiates and What Predicts?

Lastly, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, who will be joining the GeoVISTA Center as a postdoc in November, organized a workshop - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Processing Sketch Maps. He also presented a poster, Analytical intelligence for geospatial dynamics.

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