Ken Pelman presents at ISCRAM conference in Portugal

On May 10, 2011, GeoVISTA MGIS affiliate Ken Pelman presented his capstone research project at the 2011 Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. Ken completed a software tool called EvacSpace that is designed to support rapid evacuation planning through an interactive, visually-enabled interface. Most current evacuation planning tools are complex, expensive, and require specialized underlying spatial data. Ken's approach focuses on getting immediate results with little or no training through a clever use of Google Maps, Directions, Fusion Tables, and Charts.

Ken came to the Penn State MGIS program ( after completing his M.S. degree at University Park in the Department of Meteorology and taking a job in Washington, DC at NOAA. While working at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center he's been working on his MGIS degree, in addition to raising two sons with his wife.

Ken is the first GeoVISTA MGIS affiliate, and as such he received a travel stipend to support his trip to Portugal to present on behalf of the GeoVISTA Center and MGIS program. Ken's advisor is GeoVISTA Assistant Director Dr. Anthony Robinson.

The full paper Ken presented at ISCRAM on EvacSpace is available here for download: An Interactive Mapping Application for Rapid Evacuation Planning

Ken Pelman at ISCRAM

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