Krzysztof Janowicz co-organizing COSIT workshop on Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS

GeoVISTA faculty associate Krzysztof Janowicz is organizing a workshop, along with a team of colleagues, at the 2011 Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT '11), being held in September in Belfast, Maine. The Cognitive Engineering for Mobile GIS Workshop will focus on intensive discussions setting a road-map for research on cognitive engineering for Mobile GIS.

While mobile computing and Location-Based Services (LBS) have been around for more than a decade, it is just now that the availability of open source APIs and GPS-enabled smartphones make them accessible to a broader public. Citizens as sensors, location-based social networks, and lifelogs offer new, highly heterogeneous and timely sources of data that require processing and integration to develop mobile recommender and decision support systems on top of them. In contrast to desktop applications, mobile services are highly affected by contextual information such as the weather, they have reduced user interfaces, and require additional inference to extract user profiles and tasks from implicit information such as local time and location. The combination of these factors makes cognitive engineering methods to user interfaces and recommender services a promising approach. Such methods integrate cognitive and computer science approaches to the design and construction of machines. More specifically, when applying cognitive engineering to Mobile GIS, principles of human spatial cognition regarding the representation and processing of spatial and temporal aspects of phenomena, and aspects of mobile decision-making must be considered.

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