Buckingham and Roth Edit Special Digital Issue of Cartographic Perspectives

GeoVISTA Research Assistant Rob Roth recently teamed with Tanya Buckingham of the UW-Madison Cart Lab to guest edit a special digital issue of Cartographic Perspectives, the flagship journal of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). The special issue is presented in the context of an exciting transition to modernize CP for primarily digital, online dissemination and to update CP's content to serve more equitably the diverse interests of both researchers and practitioners in the cartographic community.

Rob and Tanya write that multiple Penn State Geography and GeoVISTA members and alumni contributed to or influenced the special issue. The issue includes articles by Penn State Geography alumnus Michael Hermann (BS '95) and Dutton e-Education adjunct Patrick Kennelly, as well as an interview with Gould Center Director and GeoVISTA contributor Cindy Brewer. The special issue, and the digital transition of CP more broadly, was influenced greatly by a 2009 readership survey conducted by GeoVISTA alumni Fritz Kessler (MS '91) and Amy Griffin (PhD '04) as well as a poignant essay on open access journals by Dutton e-Education Director, and former CP Editor, David DiBiase. Rob and Tanya want to thank all contributors to the special issue, which is available openly at:


Tanya is the current President of NACIS while Rob is serving as CP's Assistant Editor. Cartographic Perspectives considers scholarly and practical manuscripts on all topics cartographic and recently announced a student paper competition with a purse of $1350. To contribute to Cartographic Perspectives, please contact Editor Patrick Kennelly (Patrick.Kennelly@liu.edu) or visit http://www.nacis.org.

For more information, contact Robert Roth at reroth@psu.edu