Spring Course: Classification, Conceptualization & Categorization in Spatial Information Science

The Geography Department at Penn State will be offering a graduate course on Classification, Conceptualization, and Categorization in Spatial Information Science A Cognitive Perspective (GEOG 597D) during the Spring 2011 semester. The instructor for the course will be Dr. Alexander Klippel.

The classification, conceptualization and categorization of spatial information is an interdisciplinary research field central to many disciplines and disciplinary subfields. This course is designed to provide an understanding of basic cognitive concept and conceptualization theories with a particular focus on spatial information. Building on this basic understanding we will explore research methods to elicit and analyze conceptual knowledge: Classic methods and tools used in psychology and interface design, analysis using clustering methods, visualizations using MDS and tailored visual analytics tools, exploratory data analysis incorporating unstructured information such as natural language.

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For more information, contact Alex Klippel at klippel@psu.edu

Visit http://www.cognitivegiscience.psu.edu/ to learn more.