GeoVISTA members participate in AAG Annual Meeting

Several GeoVISTA members are participating in the upcoming 104th Annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting being held in Boston, Massachusetts on April 15-19, 2008.

Tom Auer: Abstract Title: Mapping Data Specific Avian Distributions Utilizing Cartographic Generalization Operators
Jin Chen: Abstract Title: An Approach to Couple Visualization and Statistics Methods for Spatial, Multivariate Data Analysis
Jamison Conley: Abstract Title: Using Moment Invariants to Analyze Cluster Shapes and Hypothesize Potential Causes
Mark Gahegan with co-authors Ritesh Agrawal, Anuj Jaiswal, and Junyan Luo: Abstract Title: Recognizing, Visualizing and Resolving Concept Similarity
Alexander Klippel: Abstract Title: Can we afford to provide cognitively inadequate wayfinding assistance?
Adam Naito: Abstract Title: An Ecological Impact Assessment of Urban Sprawl in Unincorported Jefferson County, Colorado
Donna Peuquet: Chair Critical views on the potential and limits of geographic information-based exploratory approaches for interdisciplinary issues
Anthony Robinson: Abstract Title: Synthesizing Information from Geovisualization
Robert Roth: Abstract Title: Representing Uncertainty: A Case Study in the Usage of Categorical Uncertainty for Decision Making
Kean Huat Soon: Abstract Title: A Conceptual Framework for Maintaining a Geographic Ontology
Brian Tomaszewski: Abstract Title: Contextualizing Crisis Information: A Geo-historical Perspective
Stephen Weaver: Abstract Title: What Do Maps & Tags Have in Common?; Chair (Paper Session): Topics in GIS

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