Raytheon awards research grant to NEVAC

Alan MacEachren, Director of the North-East Visualization and Analytics Center (NEVAC), and Information Sciences and Technology colleague Lee Giles, who directs the CiteSeer search engine project, were awarded a contract that directly leverages past NEVAC research in information visualization, web mapping, and geocontextualization of text and combines these advances with Giles' innovative work on algorithms to segment, recognize, and disambiguate text in documents.

The goal of the GeoDiscoverer project is to combine and integrate social network discovery techniques with geographic information retrieval, indexing and visualization techniques to produce an application that allows analysts to discovery significant and novel social connections and their geographic patterns in web documents or other text sources. This research is featured in current issue of Raytheon's Technology Today.

For more information, contact Krista Kahler at kck12@psu.edu

Visit http://www.raytheon.com/technology_today/current/feature_3.html to learn more.