Chris Weaver wins first place in InfoVis 2007 contest

GeoVISTA Center Research Associate Chris Weaver won the InfoVis 2007 contest with his entry, called Cinegraph. The InfoVis Contest is held annually to promote the development of advances in information visualization and to establish a forum to advance evaluation methods. Contestants must develop interesting and insightful ways of visualizing and analyzing a complex data set, which is provided by the contest organizers. This year, the contest data set was about Hollywood movie releases, including actors, genres, awards, release dates, and box office performance. The contest focused on the design aspects of the visualization in addition to its exploratory and analytical aspects, and entrants were encouraged to augment the data set with any publicly available data.

The winning entry, Cinegraph, is an interactive visualization for exploring and analyzing the InfoVis 2007 contest data set derived from the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). By combining two complementary visual interaction techniques, cross-filtered views and attribute relationship graphs, Cinegraph supports a wide variety of general and highly focused analytic tasks. Users can express complex lines of questions in the form of rapid sequences of simple interactions. Designed and built in a little over two days by a single visualization designer using the Improvise visualization environment, Cinegraph provides high-dimensional interactive drill-down capability into the people, genres, awards, release dates, and box office characteristics of movies described in the database, using ancillary pho-tographs of people, images of movie posters, and icons of movie genres to enhance the interaction process

Chis Weaver received a prize and presented his winning work during the contest session at the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization in Sacramento, CA, October 28-November 1, 2007. Additionally, an abstract and short video demonstration of the winning entry have been included on the official Symposium proceedings and DVD.

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