Frank Hardisty to lead workshop on GeoVIz Toolkit for state cancer programs

GeoVISTA Research Associate Frank Hardisty will be leading a day-long workshop highlighting the GeoViz Toolkit, software that he developed based on GeoVISTA Studio. The workshop will be held in Harrisburg, PA, and is being organized jointly by Hardisty and Dr. Gene Lengerich of the Department Public Health Sciences at Penn State's College of Medicine. Representatives from at least 5 state Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) programs, including New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky, as well as representatives from the CDC, will be attending. The workshop aims to introduce attendees to the use GeoViz Toolkit for epidemiological studies, as well as to ask for their professional evaluation of the software. The workshop is part of GeoVISTA's on-going CDC ESDA project, which conducts research to systematically evaluate and compare the strengths and weaknesses of Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) and spatial statistical methods for prostate cancer for use by state-based CCC programs.

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