Chris Weaver attends information visualization conference and summit in Zurich

GeoVISTA Center Research Associate Chris Weaver is headed for Zurich, Switzerland this week to participate in three information visualization meetings.

First, Weaver will perform a number of roles at 5th International Conference on Coordinated & Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization, held July 2nd at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Weaver is co-chair of this conference, and is also serving as a session chair and panel member.

The second event, the Visualization Summit, takes place on July 3rd at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 100 invited participants will join in a series of ten workshops to define ten new research goals that can be achieved by 2010. The research goals need to be new, achievable, and must have highest relevance to science, business, or society. Weaver will be involved in two of the ten workshops: GeoVisualization, and Software infrastructures. The final ten research goals will be presented the following day at the International Conference for Information Visualization (IV07).

The 11th International Conference for Information Visualization (IV07) runs from July 4th through 6th in Zurich. Weaver is serving as session chair for Knowledge Visualization: Applications, as well as a panel member on the European Research Forum Panel Session, called "Geovisualization and synergies from InfoVis and Visual Analytics."

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