103rd Annual Association of American Geographers (AAG)

The GeoVISTA Center's presence at the 103rd Annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting in San Francisco includes faculty, Ph.D. students, and M.S. students. Below is a summary of GeoVISTA participation:

Tawan Banchuen, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "The Geographical Analog Engine: Weighted Euclidean and Semantic Similarity Measures for US Cities"
Presenter: SAM Graduate Student Paper Competition I

Isaac Brewer, Research Faculty
Abstract Title: "Visualizing Critical Infrastructure Data for Stadium Security at Penn State Using Improvise"
Chair, Introducer, Organizer, Presenter: Visual Analytics in Geography II
Chair, Discussant, Introducer, Organizer: Visual Analytics in Geography I

Jamison Conley, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "Visual Analytics and Terrorist Surveillance: Safeguarding Privacy and Public Trust"
Presenter: Visual Analytics in Geography I

Tim Frazier, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "GIS-based Assessment of Community Exposure and Sensitivity to Tsunami Hazards Along the Hawaiian Coast "
Presenter: Perspectives on Assessing Societal Vulnerability to Natural Hazards

Mark Gahegan, Faculty
Abstract Title: "Revisiting Groundhogs Day - An Analysis of Digital Personae Generated From An Individuals Digital Footprint"
Presenter: Visual Analytics in Geography II
Panelist: Distributed Geospatial Processing: Cyber Infrastructure, Interoperability, and Spatial Web Portal

Adrienne Gruver, M.S. Student
Abstract Title: "Epidemiological Data Analysis Tasks in a Geovisualization Environment"
Presenter: Epidemiology Session I

Linna Li, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "Supporting Geocollaboration Using Map-based Discussion"
Presenter: Geocollaboration

Alan MacEachren, Faculty
Abstract Title: "Collaborative Geovisual Analytics"
Presenter: Geocollaboration

Matthew Mulbrandon, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "An Agent-Based Method for Modeling Neighborhood Selection During the Housing Search Process"
Presenter: Perspectives on Geographic Complexity II: Complexity in Urban Interfaces

Brian Tomaszewski, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "Awareness in Asynchronous Geocollaboration"
Chair, Organizer, Presenter: Geocollaboration

Stephen Weaver, Ph.D. Student
Abstract Title: "On the Brink: Using Visual Analytics to Explore Decisions Made During the Cuban Missile Crisis"
Presenter: Visual Analytics in Geography I

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