GeoVISTA members participate in IEEE VAST Symposium

This year, several GeoVISTA center members participated in the IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), held in Baltimore in November. Jin Chen was one of few selected to present at the Doctoral Colloquium. His paper is entitled "Visual Inquiry of Spatio-Temporal Multivariate Patterns." A GeoVISTA Center team also showed off some of GeoVISTA's visualization tools during a demo session in "Rapid Development of Visualization Tools for Exploring Geospatial, Temporal, and Conceptual Information." The demo team included Chris Weaver, Ritesh Agrawal, Michael Stryker, Anthony Robinson, and Alan MacEachren. Lastly, GeoVISTA members presented a paper in the Spatial and Temporal Data Symposium. The paper, entitled "Visual Analysis of Historic Hotel Visitation Patterns," and an accompanying movie were authored by Chris Weaver, David Fyfe, Anthony Robinson, Deryck Holdsworth, Donna Peuquet, and Alan MacEachren. This paper was also one of few selected to appear in a special issue of Information Visualization Journal (IVS), due in 2007.

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