iGEON receives grant to expand to India

A proposal entitled “iGEON-India: International GEON, India: A Knowledge R&D Networked Indo-US Centre,” submitted to the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, New Delhi, India, has been approved for funding. The objective of this proposal, which includes GeoVISTA's Mark Gahegan as an investigator, is “the formation of a knowledge R&D networked Indo-US Center called, International GEON­India (iGEON-India), as an extension of the GEON (Geosciences Network) project that has been established in the US, under funding from the US National Science Foundation.”

The iGEON-India activities will be coordinated in India via the University of Hyderabad, in particular the Center for Earth and Space Sciences (CESS) and the Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Design (CMSD). Project activities will include establishment of a GEON node at the University of Hyderabad, to serve as the GEON entry point for accessing datasets and tools hosted by the Indian geosciences community participating in GEON. A major activity will be an annual GEON workshop to train geoscientists in the latest advances in geoinformatics. This new grant will help foster close collaborations between the iGEON India effort and the GEON project in US via exchange visits between India and US by researchers and postdoctoral fellows.

For more information, contact Krista Kahler at kck12@psu.edu

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