Sven Fuhrmann leads class in unique learning experience

Former GeoVISTA postdoc, Sven Fuhrmann, now assistant professor of geography at Texas State University-San Marcos, provided his advanced GIS class with the unique opporunity to work on a collaborative project with the City of San Marcos Fire Department. Fuhrmann, who played an integral role in GeoVISTA's GeoCollaborative Crisis Management project, combined theoretical aspects of GIS research with emergency management from the practitioner's point of view to give his students a practical learning experience.

The project included reviewing past emergency incidents, assessing the needs of the San Marcos Fire Department, and developing cutting edge applications for future crisis management in San Marcos.

"The students and Dr. Fuhrmann went the extra mile working with us on this project," said San Marcos Fire Chief Mike Baker. "San Marcos Fire Rescue and all of the citizens of San Marcos will benefit from this collaborative effort. I enjoyed working them and look forward to future projects with the University."

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