Ray Masters to present an overview of the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK) to AERSP 597B

On Monday, October 11, Ray Masters will be presenting an introduction and overview of the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK, www.vtk.org) to AERSP 597B. (www.ics.psu.edu/fallsem.html). The class meets in 158 Willard Building from 3:35PM to 4:25PM. Since 158 Willard is a stereo classroom, Ray has written all the examples he plans to use in this VTK presentation to display in stereo. Ray has prepared 18 small programs that utilize Tcl-wrapped VTK visualization classes and will demonstrate typical applications in geography, molecular dynamics, materials research, medicine, fluid flow, etc. VTK makes it very easy to support stereo visualization, and this presentation will also be a good transition into George Otto's VR lectures that follows Rays'. If you know of any faculty who might be interested in developing true 3-D classroom presentations, please feel free to invite them to the session. It's very easy to create stereo applications with VTK and also easy to link its many importer classes to other popular visualization packages (Tecplot, for example, can output directly into a small VTK code that will display in stereo).

For more information, contact Ray Masters at masters@psu.edu

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