Redesigned and updated HERO website now online

The updated HERO website is now up and running. The new site is completely up to date and incorporates many new features: HERO related news headlines are now displayed on the homepage, with the full stories available at the click of a button. News posts should become quite frequent in the coming months. Links to site-specific websites for all four HERO observatories are available on the "Observatories" portion of the site. The "Collaboratory" page now includes links to the e-Delphi and Codex tools. The "Products" page now consists of extensive lists of HERO related publications, presentations, book contributions and research papers. The "Contacts" section is up to date, and the HERO-REU information now refers to the 2004 program. Any questions or comments on the new site should be sent to the email address below.

For more information, contact Jason Spangler at

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