Isaac Brewer presents at Air Force workshop, receives award

Isaac Brewer, Ph.D. student in the GeoVISTA Center, received an award for excellence from the Air Force Research Laboratory for his workshop presentation, A Framework for Knowledge Elicitation. Isaac represented the GeoVISTA Center as an invited presenter for a Cognitive Systems Engineering Workshop & Seminar held from August 5-7, 2003 in upstate New York. The other five presenters included highly distinguished experts in the field of cognitive systems engineering including Dr. Robert Hoffman (University of West Florida), Dr. Gary Klein (Klein Associates), Dr. Nancy Cooke (Arizona State University), Mica Endsley (SA Technologies), and Wayne Zachary (CHI Systems). The three day workshop was organized to teach the techniques of cognitive systems engineering to engineers and scientists working on developing advanced technologies for command and control, decision support, communications, knowledge fusion, situational awareness, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Participants in Isaac's workshop included employees from the Air Force Research Lab at Rome, NY, Wright Patterson AFB, and RPI.

Specifically, Isaac presented the process of conducting a work domain analysis that employs a variety of knowledge elicitation techniques to create design storyboards, process models, and scenarios of realistic interaction in the workplace. Isaac's experience from his dissertation work with emergency managers in Florida and South Carolina was used to explore the process of transforming elicited knowledge (in the form of concept maps) into design storyboards for advanced computing systems. Within GeoVISTA, Isaac's work is being used to assist the design of the DAVE_G tools.

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