Questionnaire on new web-based school teaching concepts

The Pennsylvania State University's GeoVISTA Center is currently developing new web-based teaching applications for math, geography and science middle school curricula. The goal is to develop age appropriate software for supporting statistic and graphic/cartographic literacy. Specifically, we investigate if the children understand the contents of the applications (learnability) and if the graphical user interface is suited for the children. The study is part of the PSU project "MapStats for Kids", PI Dr. Alan MacEachren.

We are inviting elementary and middle school teachers to test these educational tools in a usability study and provide feedback to the developers.

Your participation will allow unveiling usability problems and helping redesigning these tools. While attending, you will be introduced to new learning applications, techniques and topics.

The usability test is web-based and you can conduct it whenever it fits your time schedule. You will be asked to execute two web applications and answer questions related to these applications. Your participation will enable us to design software that will allow children to explore federal statistical data sets.

Your participation is of voluntary nature. The duration of the usability testing should not exceed 30 minutes. The link will direct you to the usability test.

If you have any questions about the project and the usability study, please contact:

Dr. Alan MacEachren or Dr. Sven Fuhrmann
302 Walker Building
Department of Geography
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-3472
Email: {maceachren, fuhrmann}

Thank you very much for your support and effort.

For more information, contact Sven Fuhrmann at

Visit to learn more.