New Book: Geographic Information Analysis

David O'Sullivan ( and co-author David Unwin of UK eUniversities (, previously Professor of Geography at Birkbeck College London), have just published Geographic Information Analysis, a comprehensive introduction to spatial analysis in the context of geographic information systems.

The book provides an introduction to spatial data and the particular challenges it presents to analysts (especially spatial dependence and autocorrelation). The classical approach to spatial analysis, based on the process-pattern paradigm is covered using point pattern analysis. Chapters are included on patterns of areal units, the analysis of line and network objects, interpolation, and on overlay analysis. Two final chapters introduce multivariate analysis and more recent approaches in geocomputation and modeling, at a more 'overview level'.

The book is available from publishers John Wiley (,,0471211761,00.html, who also provide free access to the first chapter, or at Amazon ("

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