Mike McNeese

Professor Emeritus of Information Sciences and Technology
Director of the Multidisciplinary Initiatives in Naturalistic Decision Systems (MINDS) Group
mike mcneese
Geo-Collaborative Technology
Human Computer Interaction
Visuo-Spatial Cognition

I am the Director of the MINDS (Multiple Initiatives in Naturalistic Decision Systems) Group at the College of IST. The acronym MINDS is actually literally transparent for what I do – I study minds, minds in action, minds at work, minds at the interface, minds with aids, and minds helping minds. What interests me about the mind is that it contains thoughts and perceptions that are dynamically generated, contain extensible and distributed information, and propagate, expand, recede, and fade – all in one full swoop. Therein, my primary research areas are (1) cognition – the basic activities which underlie human thought (2) cognitive ecologies (how it works it way in and out of us and is distributed across people, contexts, and objects) (3) cognition augmented through information / communication technologies.

GeoVISTA Videos

Featured Project: SensePlace3, election edition

SensePlace3 user interface

SensePlace3 allows you to search and map Tweets from and about specific places in the 2016 election cycle. Try it!