Justine Blanford

Research Associate, Department of Geography
Research Associate, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Read-Thomas Lab
justine blanford
spatial analysis
spatial and temporal ecology of disease

I use GIS to map and model many different phenomena across space and time. Much of my work concerns issues related to human health either indirectly through examining threats to food supply (via crop pests and crop diseases) or more directly via disease, human movement and health care accessibility. I use GIS to understand the ecology of disease and connectivity between locations using novel data sources such as news feeds and social media microblogs. Recently, these have included looking at movement patterns in data-poor regions, in relation to vaccination needs, by identifying key travel routes, accessibility to healthcare and disease epicenters and mapping people’s activity space at a national and international level.

GeoVISTA Videos

Featured Project: SensePlace3, election edition

SensePlace3 user interface

SensePlace3 allows you to search and map Tweets from and about specific places in the 2016 election cycle. Try it!