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We conduct and coordinate integrated and innovative research in GIScience, covering a broad range of domains from spatial cognition, through formal geo-information representation, to spatial analysis, cartography and visual analytics. Our goal is to advance GIScience theory and develop powerful human-centered methods and technologies that address scientific, social, and environmental problems through computer-supported, visually-enabled analysis of the growing wealth of geographic data.

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Grad Student Highlight

Wei Luo, who will graduate from Penn State with Ph.D in Geography in August 2014, has accepted a post-doc position in the School of Computing, Informatics & Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. He will work on an NGA-funded project to address the national security risks of climate change.

As a graduate affiliate of the GeoVISTA Center, Wei contributed to several projects, including SensePlace2, STempo, and the Vaccine Modeling Initiative. He also developed, as part of his thesis research, the GeoSocialApp, a visualization tool that supports the exploration of spatial-social networks among network, geographical, and attribute spaces. Using mixed methods - computational and visual, the GeoSocialApp enables discovery of complex patterns in large spatial-social network datasets in an effective and efficient way. Wei successfully defended his thesis, Geovisual Analytics Approaches for the Integration of Geography and Social Network Contexts, in July of 2014.