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Posted: April 29, 2002

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Progress Reports

MacEachren, A.M., Downs, R., Gahegan, M., Howard, D., Harrower, M., Li, B., Fuhrmann, S., Crawford, S., MapStats for Kids- Phase 1 Report. July 30, 2002.
Posted: August 1, 2002


Paint the MapPaint the Map Implementation by Bonan Li, Stephen Crawford, and Mark Harrower.

This map-painting exercise focuses on several core aspects of statistics, graphics, cartography, and geography literacy. In this application, the statistical concepts of mean, median, and average are taught. Color coding allows to understand the concepts of above, below and equal to. Painting the map (coloring the states) provides a vehicle to learn the geographic distribution of US states. Click image to play.


Election Map 2000Election Map 2000 Prototype developed by Bonan Li, Mark Harrower, David Howard, and Alan MacEachren.

Click image to learn more.




Network ChallengeThe Network Challenge Implementation by Bonan Li, Stephen Crawford, and Mark Harrower.

Decision-making is an important skill that requires one to not only make the "next best move" but to keep the final goal in mind. In this game, the
player will learn about topological relationships (connectivity, orientation, adjacency), problem solving strategies, and spatial decision-making while planning a "road trip" following four different scenarios. Click image to play.


Data to GraphicsData to Graphics Tool Implementation by Mark Harrower, David Howard, Stephen Crawford and Bonan Li.

At the core of understanding the mapping of statistics is the ability to move between graphical and tabular presentations of information. This tool concentrates on demonstrating and exploring the connections between three alternative ways to visualize information: the map, the spreadsheet and the graph.
Click image to play.


Network ChallengeMarket Manager Implementation by Bonan Li and Stephen Crawford.

This application operates on three scales: national, state, and greater metro area. . At each scale, the goal is to classify the units (states, counties, or ZIP-codes) into four regions (groups of contiguous units) based on a selected attribute. The user can play the "Great Ice Cream Giveaway" scenario, or create their own by loading other data. Click image to play.


Data to GraphicsFarmland Implementation by Stephen Crawford

This application displays the farmland data of the US. Three different types of data are displayed: number of farms, average farm size, and acres in farms for the period from 1910 to 1999. Different monochromatic color schemes can be selected to display the data. The changing nature of each dataset is shown through temporal animations. Click image to play.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9983451, 9983459, 9983461.

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