MapStats for Kids Demonstration Project
Supported by the National Science Foundation through their Digital Government program.

FedStats is a cross-agency Internet portal designed to help all Americans find statistical facts for making personal or business decisions, conduct research on a myriad of topics, or participate in public policy debates. This sub-project of an existing Digital Government project on Quality Graphics (dgQG) will develop a specific MapStats for Kids demonstration within FedStats. To do so, we will build web tools that integrate with the information system used to produce the current MapStats, with a focus on subject matters of interest to younger visitors. Work will be carried out in conjunction with the FedStats Technical team and the FedStats Task Force.

A primary focus for this demonstration project will be to create interactive web pages that provide statistical and geographic information in a manner that will engage a younger visitor's attention and interest. Information will be displayed in a manner that will encourage children to become active participants on the site as well as to provide them with a better understanding of the impact numbers can make on daily life (through the use of age-appropriate games, trivia questions, statistical facts, and other methods). A long-term goal, to which this demonstration project will contribute, is to address issues of both statistical and graphic / cartographic literacy through web applications that are fun for young web-site visitors to use. Full Project Description (pdf)

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9983451, 9983459, 9983461.

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