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ESTAT - The Exploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit

Welcome to the official home of the ESTAT Geovisualization toolkit. Developed by the GeoVISTA Center in close cooperation with users at the National Cancer Institute, the ESTAT toolkit provides user-friendly, open-source software designed to support exploratory geographic visualization.

While developed initially to support cancer research, ESTAT is designed to handle any kind of spatial data with attributes. If you have an ESRI ArcGIS shapefile, you can follow our tutorial on the in practice page to quickly convert your data into something ESTAT can use.

ESTAT features a scatterplot (top left), bivariate map (bottom left), time series graph (top right), and parallel coordinate plot (bottom right).

Software Development: Jin Chen
Usability Research: Anthony Robinson

Project PI: Alan M. MacEachren
Project CoPI: Mark Gahegan

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