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Due to an oversight at a late stage in the production process, the name of the co-editor of our special issue on 'visualization for exploration of spatial data', Alan MacEachren, was omitted from the covers of the Journal. The special issue was published as volume 13 number 4 June 1999, and, as correctly indicated in the Editorial, was co-edited by Menno-Jan Kraak and Alan MacEachren. We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of both co-editors, and apologise to Alan and Menno-Jan for our error, and for any confusion caused to our readers and authors. Richard Steele Editorial Director, Journals Taylor & Francis Ltd A second error in the issue involves the URL for the web supplement -- the intended URL was the one you are now at, the URL listed on the opening page is to a research agenda paper cited at the end of the opening editorial.

This special issue of the International Journal of Geographical Information Sciences is devoted to visualization of spatial data. The papers cover a broad range of issues related to visual exploration of spatial data. We distinguish three categories, those papers introducing new concepts or theoretical perspectives, those representing development of new tools, and finally those focusing on the application of visual methods. The link between the papers is visual exploration. The nature of the research presented (the focus on dynamic and manipulable displays) makes a print publication inadequate to the task of presenting results. All papers, therefore, are accompanied by (additional) examples and explanations included here -- as a web supplement to the printed journal issue.

New concepts in exploration of spatial data

Visualization tool/system development

Integration of visualization tools and application in particular problem domains


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