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We conduct and coordinate integrated and innovative research in GIScience, covering a broad range of domains from spatial cognition, through formal geo-information representation, to spatial analysis, cartography and visual analytics. Our goal is to advance GIScience theory and develop powerful human-centered methods and technologies that address scientific, social, and environmental problems through computer-supported, visually-enabled analysis of the growing wealth of geographic data.

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Grad Student Highlight

Elaine Guidero is currently a Ph.D. candidate in geography, advised by Dr. Cynthia Brewer. Her tentative dissertation topic will be the evaluation of typography in cartographic applications. Typography is an essential part of any cartographic product, yet it is frequently overlooked by cartographers and designers. Her dissertation research will revolve around issues of legibility, aesthetics, and cognition as they apply to best practices of typographic design in maps.

Elaine graduated in 2012 from Penn State with a Master of Science in geography, advised by Dr. Alexander Klippel. For her Masters degree, she wrote two papers: Representing ordinal change in dynamic point symbols for emergency management applications, and Does topology predict geographic (2D) event segmentation?